Develop your career in sleep medicine.

A-STEP provides premier training and educational programs for new and experienced sleep technologists.

Earn a credential that can jump-start your career


Start a Sleep Career

Assisting specialists in the clinical assessment, testing, diagnosis, and prevention of sleep-related disorders to gain an RPSGT or CPSGT certification.

None to minimal experience.


Advance Your Career

Work directly with sleep medicine patients, families, and practitioners to manage patient care, improve outcomes, and advocate for the importance of good sleep.

Sleep lab experience.

None to minimal experience.

Sleep lab experience.


A-STEP: Helping You Achieve Your Career Goals.

Getting Started

Review the eligibility requirements for the BRPT certifications.

Complete Online

Our on-demand programs provide convenient remote learning options.


After completing an A-STEP program and pathway requirements, sit for the credentialing exam with the registry board to obtain your certification.

Accomplish Your Goals

Use your new achievements to gain new opportunities in sleep medicine.

Be an A-STEP Introductory Course Provider

AASM accredited sleep facilities and academic institutions are eligible to be an A-STEP Introductory Course Provider. To be considered, AASM accredited programs must submit a completed application and fee for review and consideration. Upon approval, the educational program will be able to offer the 80-Hour Introductory Course over a two-year period. 

As an accredited Introductory Course Provider, you will provide standardized education for those interested in the field of sleep technology.

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