Based on the credentialing board, there are two pathways you can take with the A-STEP program.

No Sleep Lab Experience

ABSM Pathway B and BRPT Pathway 4

Register for the Board Exam

Have Sleep Lab Experience

ABSM Pathway E and BRPT Pathway 1

Register for the Board Exam

Register for A-STEP Now

Not sure which path is for you - review eligibility requirements for the ABSM and the BRPT.

State Licensure Requirements

Several states now require licensure to work as a registered sleep technologist or technologist in training. Contact your State Medical Board for licensure requirements. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine does not provide licensure.

Official Transcripts

Trainees and Technologist can purchase an Official Transcript as documentation of enrollment or completion in the A-STEP program. Transcripts are available at any time in your A-STEP account under the Request Transcript link.