Directory of Introductory Course Providers

Take the 80-Hour Introductory Course at an A-STEP Introductory Course Provider today! The 80-Hour Introductory Course is not available online.

Each A-STEP Introductory Course Provider sets their own course schedule and registration fees. Trainees may be required to travel if an introductory course provider is not available in your area.

Stanford Center for Sleep Science and Medicine Palo Alto, CA, United States
Contact: Eileen Leary | P: (650) 724-9639 | E:
Northern California School of Sleep Medicine Sacramento, CA, United States
Contact: Sherri Hanson | P: 916-789-0112 | E:
Delaware Technical & Community College-Wilmington Campus Wilmington, DE, United States
Contact: Grace R. Denault | P: 302-313-5003 | E:
The Atlanta School of Sleep Medicine & Technology Atlanta, GA, United States
Contact: Kish Woodward | P: 678-651-2000 | E:
Meadows A-STEP Program Vidalia, GA, United States
Contact: Madaline Jenkins | P: (478) 595-1878 | E:
Idaho Sleep Health Boise, ID, United States
Contact: Ryan Lott, MBA, RPSGT | P: (208) 375-8222 | E:
NorthShore University HealthSystem Skokie, IL, United States
Contact: Elena Mikhaylov, RPSGT | P: 847-663-8200 | E:
Neurocare, Inc. Newton, MA, United States
Contact: Pam Hurlburt, RRT, RPSGT | P: 617-581-6417 | E:
The Center for Sleep & Wake Disorders Chevy Chase, MD, United States
Contact: Helene Emsellem, MD | P: (301) 654-1575 | E:
Spectrum Health Grand Rapids, MI, United States
Contact: Lori Smith | P: 616-391-7891 | E:
Henry Ford Allegiance Health Sleep Center A-STEP Program Jackson, MI, United States
Contact: Pam Sayre, RST, RPSGT | P: 517-788-4800 x4015 | E:
Mayo Clinic Center for Sleep Medicine A-STEP Rochester, MN, United States
Contact: Thomas Finstuen | P: (507) 266-4057 | E:
Clayton Sleep Institute Maplewood, MO, United States
Contact: Matthew Uhles, RPSGT, RST | P: (314) 645-5855 | E:
Washington University School of Sleep Medicine Saint Louis, MO, United States
Contact: Jennifer McLeland, RPSGT, RST | P: 314-747-3819 | E:
Hackensack Sleep Center Partners, LLC Hackensack, NJ, United States
Contact: Kristen Woodmansee | P: 201-820-1255 | E:
Mid-Atlantic School of Sleep Medicine Mount Laurel, NJ, United States
Contact: Michele Martin, RPSGT, RST | P: 856-793-0318 | E:
St. Luke's A-STEP Program Phillipsburg, NJ, United States
Contact: Manish Singh, MBBS, RPGST | P: (510) 331-4379 | E:
Mercy Sleep Center Canton, OH, United States
Contact: Carla Risher, RPSGT | P: 330-489-1456 | E:
The Cleveland Clinic School of Polysomnography Cleveland, OH, United States
Contact: Judy Petriella, RPSGT, RST | P: 216-444-7721 | E:
Dayton Children's Pediatric Sleep Medicine ASTEP Program Dayton, OH, United States
Contact: Olivia Allen | P: (937) 641-5007 | E:
Polysomnographic Technician: A-STEP Introductory Greenville, SC, United States
Contact: Dr. Arlene Welch | P: 864-250-8431 | E:
Focus A-Step Program Germantown, TN, United States
Contact: Megan Pickens, RPSGT, RST | P: 662-655-4259 | E:
Texas School of Sleep Medicine & Technology San Antonio, TX, United States
Contact: Patty Gibson | P: (210) 614-6000 | E:
Intermountian Sleep Disorder Center Salt Lake City, UT, United States
Contact: Kathleen Boyle | P: 801-408-3617 | E:
Moraine Park Technical College Fond du Lac, WI, United States
Contact: Laura Schelter | P: 920-924-6408 | E:
MRG Sleep Solutions Tech Training Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Contact: Laree Fordyce | P: (403) 333-3157 | E: