ASTEP Introduction to Sleep Medicine for Technologists

The Intro to Sleep Medicine for Technologists are designed to equip trainees with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the field of sleep technology. The module series consists of interactive learning videos ranging from 45-60 minutes in length, each of which is followed by a brief set of post-test questions.

Taking the Modules

The modules are required to be completed as the first step toward meeting the requirements for the Clinical Experience pathway and the third step for the Focused Training pathway. Upon completion of the module series, trainees will be awarded a total of 26 Continuing Education Credits (CEC) and should be able to perform the following:

  1. Explain the roles and responsibilities of a sleep technologist.
  2. Describe the tasks performed by a sleep technologist during a sleep study.
  3. Identify multiple scoring waveforms and sleep stages.

Ready to begin? Take the first module for FREE when you register an ASTEP account. Individuals will have open access to the modules for three years from the date of account registration to freely review and reference in preparation for a sleep technologist certification exam. It is recommended that all of the modules be completed within one year (12 months) from the date of program enrollment. The modules can be taken at your own pace while completing the required number of clinical hours working at a sleep center or prior to having employment at a sleep center.

Module Pricing

Modules can be purchased in one of two ways: as a bundle or individually upon each module completion.

For those completing the Focused Training pathway, the cost is:

$20* – per module

$500* – bundle

For those completing the Clinical Experience pathway, the cost is:

$30 – per module

$750 – bundle

*This discount is a one-time offer and does not apply if the trainee is required to re-take the Intro to Sleep Medicine for Technologists.

Refund Policy: Refunds are granted within 30-days of purchase with confirmation that the modules/exams have not been completed on the user’s A-STEP account. All refund requests must be submitted in writing to