A-STEP is one of many steps you need to take toward becoming a registered sleep technologist. Developed by expert educators in the field, A-STEP is the premiere education for those pursuing independent study through sleep technology.

Containing both practical and didactic training, A-STEP provides critical education that consist of an 80-Hour Introductory Course followed by a series of Online Self-Study Modules. Upon completion of the course, you will have the knowledge base necessary to monitor, perform, and execute a variety of sleep studies.

Determine how A-STEP works in conjunction with your pathway:

New to the Sleep Field?

If you are currently not employed at a sleep center, but are interested in becoming a sleep technologist, follow these steps:

  1. Complete the A-STEP 80-Hour Introductory Course.
  2. Complete the Online Self-Study Modules.
Working in the Sleep Field?

If you are currently employed at a sleep center and are interested in becoming a sleep technologist, follow this step:

  1. Complete the Online Self-Study Modules.

Not sure which pathway is for you? Find out today by reviewing the eligibility requirements for the ABSM and the BRPT!

State Licensure Requirements

Several states now require licensure to work as a registered sleep technologist or technologist in training. Please contact your State Medical Board for your specific licensure requirements. The AASM does not provide licensure.

Program Discount

The A-STEP program is a separate entity and not included as a member benefit by the AASM. Discounts on the Online Self-Study Modules are given to trainees who have completed both the 80-Hour Introductory Course and 80-Hour Introductory Course Final Exam.

A-STEP Official Transcript

Trainees and Technologist can purchase an Official Transcript as documentation of enrollment or completion in the A-STEP program. Transcripts are available at any time in your
A-STEP account under the Request Transcript link.

Financial Assistance

The AASM does not offer financial assistance, grants or use of the GI Bill to purchase the A-STEP program.