Supporting the Field of Sleep Technology

For nearly two decades, AASM accredited sleep facilities and academic institutions across the country have been educating thousands of sleep trainees and technicians through our standardized education program. Be seen as a leader in the field of sleep technology when you become an Introductory Course Provider and offer the 80-Hour Introductory Course.

Benefit Your Practice

Teaching the 80-Hour Introductory Course allows you to onboard your own staff, and/or create an alternative revenue stream by training sleep technicians in your area. With a proven track record, A-STEP is a nationally recognized education program for those looking to accelerate their career in the field of sleep technology. Since its induction in 2009, nearly 3,500 individuals have completed A-STEP in its entirety leading to a successful career as a registered sleep technologist.

Becoming a Provider

AASM accredited sleep facilities and academic institutions are eligible to become an A-STEP Introductory Course Provider.
As a provider, you must structure and develop your own course using our Provider Resource tools. All providers are required to meet the criteria outlined in the A-STEP Standards for Accreditation, ensuring adherence to all requirements. The program is not finalized until each student has successfully completed both the 80-Hour Introductory Course and the Online-Self Study Modules.

The 80-Hour Introductory Course contains practical and didactic training, either held at your facility or in combination with an academic institution. The course concludes with the successful completion of the introductory course final exam, which is available on the A-STEP website.

The series of Online Self-Study Modules. Trainees are granted access to the modules after successful completion of the 80-Hour Introductory Course Final Exam. The modules are an essential resource as trainees prepare to take a sleep technologist certification exam: RPSGT, CPSGT

A-STEP is recognized by the BRPT for the following:

  • SELF-STUDY: Online Self-Study Modules (RPSGT/CPSGT Pathway 1).
  • FOCUSED: 80-Hour Introductory Course and Online Self-Study Modules (CPSGT Pathway 3 and RPSGT Pathway 4)
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