Live 80-hour Introductory Course

Do I need to take the A-STEP live 80-hour Introductory Course?
Candidates in Pathway B of the ABSM's Sleep Technologist Registry certification must complete the AASM A-STEP live 80-hour Introductory Course and each of the 23 A-STEP Self-Study Modules as part of the eligibilty requirements to take the registry examination. Contact the AASM or BRPT to see the current requirements.

In addition, RPSGT certification candidates in Pathway #4 are required by the BRPT to complete the AASM A-STEP live 80-hour Introductory Course and an online educational program, such as A-STEP, in order to be eligible to sit for the exam. Please contact the BRPT for more information. 
I’m trying to login to take the live 80-hour Introductory Course Final Exam and the system won’t let me in. Why?
The $50 registration fee for the A-STEP live 80-hour Introductory Course final exam includes only one administration of the exam. Students who require additional attempts to pass the exam must purchase up to two additional administrations of the exam at the a price of $50 per exam attempt.
I failed the live 80-hour Introductory Course Final Exam. What do I do now?
The live 80 Introductory Course Final Exam is required in order to complete the course. If you fail the Introductory Course Exam three times you have not passed the Introductory Course. You must retake the course in order to have another chance to successfully pass the exam.
I completed the live 80 Introductory Course Final Exam/Self-Study Module exam. How do I see which questions I got wrong?
This information is not available because people who do not pass can retake the exam. You can take the live 80-hour Introductory Course Final Exam a total of three times. The Self-Study Module exams can be repeated as many times as necessary to successfully complete the exam at the end.

Self-Study Modules

Can I pay for the A-STEP Self-Study Modules all at once?
Yes, but only if you purchase all of the A-STEP Self-Study modules when you start A-STEP. Once you purchase your first module, each additional module must be paid for one at a time by credit card online. We do not accept checks or purchase orders. If your employer would like to pay for the modules, you must have them reimburse you or give you access to the company credit card.
Can I print or copy the A-STEP Self-Study Modules?
No. The Self-Study Modules are video presentations that cannot be printed or copied. Each module can be accessed multiple times until you have successfully completed the exam at the end. The AASM recommends that students take their time with each module and take notes for review at a later date if necessary.
In what order should I take the A-STEP Self-Study Modules?
The modules can only be taken in order.
How long will it take me to complete the A-STEP Self-Study Modules?
It depends. Each module video presentation takes less than 30 minutes to complete. However, the AASM recommends that you take your time with each module, by rewatching difficult sections of the video and taking notes to review when you are preparing for registry exam.
Can I view the module/take the module exam more than once?
Yes. You can view each module as many times as you like. You may log out and log back in to view the module. There is no limit to the time you can spend on each module. However, once you successfully pass the exam at the end of a module you may not view that module again. You must then move on to the next module.
How do I pass the modules?
In order to pass a module, you must receive a score of 70% or higher on the module exam. If you do not succeed in getting a 70% or higher on the exam, you can take it again. You can take the module exam as many times as you need to score a passing grade.
How do I order a transcript?
When you have completed all 23 Self-Study Modules, you will be given the option under your account page to order a transcript for a $20 fee. This option will not be available to you until you have completed all 23 modules.
How do I obtain a receipt for the modules?
When you purchase a module, you will be able to print a receipt for that module.

Technical Problems

I’ve forgotten my password. How do I retrieve it?
Please contact the AASM National office at (630) 737-9770 or to have your username and password sent to your email account. Do not create a new account.