Online Self-Study Modules


Each online module consists of a 30-minute video presentation followed by a ten question post-test.  Trainees can view each module as many times as needed to pass the post-test. Once trainees have passed the post-test with a score of 70% or higher the module will close and trainees can proceed to the next module.


Trainees are encouraged to complete the modules while they receive 18 months of supervised, on-the-job training from an accredited sleep facility.


Trainees can begin taking the self-study modules at any time. It’s encouraged, based on your registry pathway, to complete the 80-Hour Introductory course prior to beginning the modules. Trainees that complete the 80-Hour course and final exam will receive a discount on the modules. 


Who completes the online modules?

  • Sleep technology trainees who have passed the AASM A-STEP 80-hour Introductory Course.
  • Candidates for the American Board of Sleep Medicine Sleep Technologist Registry Examination (RST) or the Registered Polysomnographic Technologist (RPSGT) Exam.
  • All unregistered technologists employed at AASM accredited facilities that do not have the following credentials: RST, RPSGT, CPSGT, respiratory therapists with the sleep disorders specialist certification (either CRT-SDS or RRT-SDS).
  • Experienced technologists who wish to sharpen their skills and review the most up-to-date information.
  • Technologists that completed the A-STEP program in previous years that are required to retake the modules by either their Registry or State Medical Board.

All trainees and technologists will receive 1 AAST Continuing Education Credit per module.

The first module "Welcome to Sleep Technology" is Free. Discounts are offered to trainees who have completed the AASM A-STEP live 80-hour Introductory Course and passed the Final Exam. Payment can be completed online by credit card or by check mailed to the AASM National Office.


All charges are non-refundable.

Completed the 80-hour Introductory Course:   $20 per module or $440.
Did not complete the 80-hour Introductory Course:   $30 per module or $660.


Module Instructions

Modules must be completed in sequential order. Once you begin, you cannot start another until you have finished your current module.


1. Register or Log in -


2. Modules can be purchased at one time or individually. Module 1: Welcome to Sleep Technology is FREE. If purchasing the modules in full, you must purchase prior to launching module 1.

3.To pay by check, select the print invoice option from your account.  


4. Modules are 30 minutes in length and conclude with a ten question post-test.


5. Trainees should take notes while viewing the module to use as a study guide for the registry exam. Modules can be viewed as many times as necessary to pass the post-test.

6. The module will close once you have successfully completed the post-test with a grade of 70% or higher.

7. The modules are video presentations and cannot be printed, copied or saved.

8. The AASM will maintain records that show proof of enrollment or completion of the A-STEP program. Trainess and Technologists can purchase a PDF transcript from their A-STEP account. 


Trainees or Technologists required to retake self-study modules must register a new A-STEP account.