Provider Resources

To become an Intro to Sleep Medicine for Technologists Accredited Course Provider, entities will need to structure and develop their own Intro to Sleep Medicine for Technologists Course as outlined in the ASTEP Standard Syllabus. As a provider, you must meet the required criteria outlined in the ASTEP Standards for Accreditation. To make the accreditation process simpler, we have developed the below resources to utilize during the application process.

ASTEP Standards

Review the ASTEP Standards for Accreditation, consisting of criteria that must be met to obtain accreditation. The standards can be referenced as you develop your programs course curriculum and procedural materials.

Provider Application

To begin the process of becoming an accredited provider, you must complete the New Course Provider Application. The provider application and all supporting documents are required for submission and review.

Policies and Procedures

The ASTEP Resource Manual provides the minimum standard requirements, allowing providers to customize and tailor their policies and procedures to meet accreditation standards. To obtain access to the Resource Manual, complete the Inquiry for Intro to Sleep Medicine for Technologists Accredited Course Provider Applicants Form.

ASTEP Standard Syllabus

Providers can choose to create their own course syllabus from scratch or utilize the ASTEP Standard Syllabus, a guideline for teaching the 80-Hour Introductory Course.

Standard Online Learning Syllabus

Providers may choose to offer a portion of the didactic session online (Standard 20). In order to offer a portion of the program online, you must complete and submit the Standard Online Learning Syllabus for review.

Provider Application Invoice

As part of the application process, you must complete and submit the Application Invoice with the associated fee. The standard application fee is $1,500—AASM facility members benefit by receiving a discounted application fee of $1,200. Please note that the payment must be received within 14 days of application submission.

Marketing Tool Kit

Upon accreditation approval, the provider will receive the Marketing Tool Kit including the following:

  • Press Release
  • Program Brochure
  • Terminology Style Guide
  • Intro to Sleep Medicine for Technologists Course Flyer