AASM Accredited Sleep Facilities or Academic Institution affiliated with an AASM Accredited Sleep Facility can become an A-STEP Introductory Course Provider to teach the 80-Hour Introductory Course to sleep trainees and technicians. This in-person course consists of 80 hours of instruction and training about sleep, sleep disorders, sleep studies and patient care. It concludes with an online examination. A-STEP Introductory Course Providers have proven compliance with the AASM Standards for A-STEP Accreditation, which address specific personnel, curriculum, assessment and policy qualifications.

Becoming an A-STEP Introductory Course Provider is a benefit to your practice, your staff, sleep trainees, technicians and the field of sleep medicine.

Provider Benefits

As an A-STEP Introductory Course Provider you can provide enhanced education and professional development for your current or future staff.

Expand your business by providing the Introductory Course to trainees interested in becoming sleep technologist. Take advantage of A-STEP Introductory Course Provider Accreditation today to enjoy these benefits:

  • Introductory Course Providers set all registration requirements, course schedule and program fees to trainees and technicians.
  • Allows your practice to stay up to date with current technologist practices.
  • Customize your course to include an online portion as a percentage of their 80 hours of training. The online portion must meet the five requirements outlined in the A-STEP standards for accreditation.
  • Create a pipeline of potential qualified sleep technologists with on-the-job training for your practice.
  • Cement your status as a leading comprehensive sleep services provider in your local sleep community.
  • Provide a needed service for technologists in your area; in some states, A-STEP is required for tech licensure.
  • Ensure all sleep patients in your area are serviced by consistently trained sleep technicians and technologist.