Become a Course Provider



What is an A-STEP Provider?


An accredited sleep facility or academic institution that becomes an A-STEP provider can offer the AASM A-STEP 80-hour Introductory Course to sleep trainees and technicians. This in-person course consists of 80 hours of instruction and training about sleep, sleep disorders, sleep studies and patient care. It concludes with an online examination. Accredited A-STEP Providers have proven compliance with the AASM Standards for A-STEP Accreditation, which address specific personnel, curriculum, assessment and policy qualifications for A-STEP educational providers.


Why Become an A-STEP Provider?

Becoming an A-STEP provider is a benefit to your practice, your staff, sleep trainees and technicians, and the field.   Take advantage of this program today to enjoy these benefits:


Provider Benefits


  • As an accredited A-STEP facility you can provide enhanced education and professional development for your current or future staff.
  • Expand your practice business by providing the 80-hour introductory course to trainees interested in becoming sleep technologists in the community. Additionally, be listed on this site as an accredited A-STEP provider. The AASM does not stipulate what the program can charge.  
  • Create a pipeline of potential qualified sleep technologists for your practice and on the job training.
  • Provide a needed service for technologists in your area; in some states, A-STEP is required for tech licensure.
  • Cement your status as a leading comprehensive sleep services provider in your local sleep community.
  • Allows your practice to stay up to date with current technologist practices.
  • Help to enure all sleep patients in your area are serviced by trained sleep technicians and technologists.





A-STEP and Online Learning

According to the A-STEP standards, programs may include an online portion as a percentage of their 80 hours of training. The online portion must meet the five requirements outlined in the A-STEP standards for accreditation.