Become an A-STEP Introductory Course Provider

Train your staff and other sleep technicians in your community

As an AASM Accredited Sleep Facility or Academic Institution affiliated with an AASM Accredited Sleep Facility, you have the opportunity to offer the first half of the two-part A-STEP program at your own facility. Provide in-person classroom education and hands-on clinical training on sleep disorders, sleep studies, and patient care throughout the A-STEP 80-Hour Introductory Course.


Benefit Your Practice & The Field of Sleep Medicine

Expand Your Business

Create a new revenue stream by setting your own course registration fees. Determine pricing based on your facility’s investments in the program.

Create a Pipeline

Trainees that complete the entire A-STEP program and obtain licensure may become your future employees.

Customize Your Course

Provide education at the pace that best fits your business’s schedule. The 80 hours of instruction may span up to 8 weeks and a portion of the course can be offered online.

Facilitate Consistent Training

Ensure patients in your area experience high-quality care provided by consistently trained sleep staff.

Marketing Materials

Promote your accredited status to potential students, job prospects, and your community. This packet includes reference materials and premade template files for ease-of-use. Upon accreditation, A-STEP Introductory Course Providers will receive these materials via email as part of their welcome packet.