Technologist Resources to Continue Your Education

The Accredited Sleep Technologist Education Programs (A-STEP) is managed by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM). AASM is committed to helping sleep technologists advance their careers. Below are many resources designed with technologists in mind to help continue their education and advance sleep medicine.

Technologist's Handbook for Understanding and Implementing the AASM Manual for the Scoring of Sleep (Available in Digital or Print)

Utilize the Technologist’s Handbook for Understanding the Scoring Manual to provide additional context on proper scoring. This manual is a great reference for any technologist – from new in role to veteran staff member. The content included within the Handbook is provided for Scoring Manual version 2.4.

Next Step A-STEP On-Demand Modules (3 AASM CECs)

Are you looking to take your sleep technology skills to the next level? This bundle of three modules developed especially for experienced sleep technologists will help you to gain further expertise.  Learn how to properly care for patients with special considerations, including patients with physical and psychological disabilities as well as patients who are pregnant, among others. Listen to an in-depth discussion of BPAP therapies, and learn about additional forms of treatment for those suffering with central sleep apnea.

An Introduction to Sleep Disorders (Print/Online; 6 AASM CECs)

An Introduction to Sleep Disorders is a textbook designed to cater to a wide audience including but not limited to sleep technologists, respiratory therapists, medical students, residents, clinical fellows, sleep medicine providers and educators as well as primary care providers. Sleep disorders are very common and healthcare providers from multiple disciplines will likely encounter patients presenting with sleep complaints as part of their practice.

Electrode Placement: A Guide to an Accurate Sleep Study (On-Demand)

Included in this bundle is the Electrode Placement Video demonstrating the step-by-step measurement and placement of the electrodes needed to stage a sleep study and the Skin-to-Screen eBook which provides a systematic approach to troubleshooting issues/artifacts that could interfere with the collection and interpretation of the data. It will guide the learner in how to identify a variety of different artifacts and how to correct the cause or source of the artifact allowing for the collection of accurate and interpretable data.

Sleep Qs: Tech Review

The Sleep Qs: Tech Review is a program to help Sleep Technologists prepare for their registration exams. The program allows the learner to create/customize practice exams to help them build their knowledge and confidence. Questions can be randomly pulled from a question bank of over 350 questions, creating as many practice exams as needed. The learner has a choice to take these exams in either a review mode, where feedback and rationales are given after every question, or a test mode that simulates an actual testing format. CEC or CME is not offered for this product.

SRBD in Pediatric Genetic & Craniofacial Syndromes On-Demand

In this interactive module, technologists will discover the differences between the adult and pediatric airways and explore the pathophysiology of pediatric, genetic & craniofacial syndromes. Discover tips and tricks on how to handle the unique PSG hook up involving patients with Down Syndrome, Achondroplasia, Prader Willi, Pierre Robin and various craniosynostosis.

A Technologist’s Introduction to Pediatric Sleep Medicine

This introduction to pediatric sleep medicine will provide the sleep technologist with the basics of normal pediatric sleep development as well as overview of the diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of common pediatric sleep disorders.

Sleep Related Breathing Disorders: Diagnostics and Titration Protocols eLearning Series

This 10-module series aims to provide a thorough understanding of the pathophysiology of sleep related respiratory disorders, from obstructive sleep apnea to central sleep apnea and sleep related hypoventilation syndromes. Attendees will gain knowledge and proficiency on titration protocols in the sleep laboratory, as well as develop expert knowledge on positive airway pressure (PAP) devices and modes of ventilation for specific respiratory related sleep disorders.

Electrocardiogram on Polysomnography

This webinar aims to improve technologist knowledge and confidence in ECG recognition. The webinar reviews the basic electrophysiology of the cardiac conduction system and how this system normally manifests on ECG. This review is followed by a basic discussion on the underlying pathophysiology of atrial and ventricular arrhythmias which are commonly encountered on polysomnography. Key points for recognition of these arrhythmias on ECG are highlighted throughout the discussion and reinforced through case based discussion from examples on polysomnography.

AASM Sleep Study Scoring Exams

These practice exams are an excellent way of studying for board examinations. Increase your chances of success!

These 25 question exams focus on sleep study scoring. Buy all three! 

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